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Electric process engineering course

In the electric process engineering course, we try to cultivate a new science and engineering which connects a micro world and a macro world based on the electric engineering as “Engineering with most expressed macros of quantum effect.”

Ionized Gas Dynamics Laboratory

[Keywords] ionization, ion, plasma, occurrence, control, laser measurement, electromagnetic field, electron temperature, electron density, particle measurement, plasma processing, plasma display, extremely-short ultraviolet rays, degradation of environmental pollutants

[Research outline] This laboratory conducts research on plasma accompanied with ionization and occurrence of ion and a method of controlling thereof, whereby physical/chemical reaction that must not be occurred under a normal environment are caused to proceed with the development of various advanced technologies. Specifically, the research on application of a plasma display, extremely-short ultraviolet rays (EUV), a fluorescent lamp and the like as a plasma light source, and the processing by using plasma of air environmental pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and diesel exhaust emissions is conducted.

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  • Professor / Kiichiro UchinoProfessor / Kiichiro Uchino
  • Associate Professor / Yukihiko YamagataAssociate Professor / Yukihiko Yamagata
  • Assistant Professor / Kentaro TomitaAssistant Professor / Kentaro Tomita
Experiment of plasma measurement with laser
Experiment of plasma measurement with laser

Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory

[Keywords] Fundamental mode orthogonal flux-gate, torque sensor, magnetic imaging for nondestructive testing, magnetic shielding system for biomagnetism, 3D motion tracking, low/mid-frequency band EMI sensor

[Research outline] This laboratory has a main research theme for creating new detection principle of information by using magnetic phenomena and engineering realization thereof. We presently conduct the development of a high-sensitive magnetic field sensor for metallic foreign body detection in a food and active magnetic shield, an eddy-current imaging sensor for creating a picture of hidden defects in or on the back of a metallic plate, a torque sensor for automobiles, a tracking system for capturing 3D motion in real time, a low/mid frequency EMI logging sensor from electric power appliances or manufacturing equipments, new light and high-performance magnetic shield for magnetic bioinstrumentation, and the like.

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  • Professor / Ichiro SasadaProfessor / Ichiro Sasada
Experiment of the magnetic imaging
Experiment of the magnetic imaging

Opto-Electronics Laboratoy

[Key words] optical device, optical integrated circuit, semiconductor laser, optical memory, SLED, optical sensing, optical energy transmission, optical router, plasma, nanostructure, next-generation semiconductor, power device, electron emitter

[Research outline] In this laboratory, new research is advanced for carving out the future society by conducting the research and development on most-advanced devices such as optical integrated elements/semiconductor laser for ubiquitous optical biosensing/energy transmission/next-generation optical communication, and research on creating nanostructure semiconductor material such as diamonds and advanced technology for expressing a new function on a nanomaterial as well as research and development of high-efficient electronics with use thereof and using most-advanced optical electronics technology and plasma technology.

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  • Professor / Kiichi HamamotoProfessor / Kiichi Hamamoto
  • Associate Professor / Kungen TeiiAssociate Professor / Kungen Teii
  • Assistant Professor / Haisong JiangAssistant Professor / Haisong Jiang
Experiment by an optical device for communication
Experiment by an optical device for communication