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Electric process engineering course

In the electric process engineering course, we try to cultivate a new science and engineering which connects a micro world and a macro world based on the electric engineering as “Engineering with most expressed macros of quantum effect.”

Ionized Gas Dynamics Laboratory

[Keywords] ionization, ion, plasma, occurrence, control, laser measurement, electromagnetic field, electron temperature, electron density, particle measurement, plasma processing, plasma display, extremely-short ultraviolet rays, degradation of environmental pollutants

[Research outline] This laboratory conducts research on plasma accompanied with ionization and occurrence of ion and a method of controlling thereof, whereby physical/chemical reaction that must not be occurred under a normal environment are caused to proceed with the development of various advanced technologies. Specifically, the research on application of a plasma display, extremely-short ultraviolet rays (EUV), a fluorescent lamp and the like as a plasma light source, and the processing by using plasma of air environmental pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and diesel exhaust emissions is conducted.

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  • Professor / Kiichiro UchinoProfessor / Kiichiro Uchino
  • Associate Professor / Yukihiko YamagataAssociate Professor / Yukihiko Yamagata
  • Assistant Professor / Kentaro TomitaAssistant Professor / Kentaro Tomita
Experiment of plasma measurement with laser
Experiment of plasma measurement with laser

Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory

[Keywords] thin solid films, physical vapor deposition, coaxial arc plasma deposition, sputtering deposition, pulsed laser deposition, photovoltaics, nanodiamond, diamond, iron silicides, hard coating, spintronics

[Research outline] The laboratory devotes itself to education and research on materials for optoelectronics, in particular, photovoltaics comprising ecologically friendly materials such as diamond and iron silicides. The research is mainly experimentally conducted and the experiment covers the growth of new materials in thin film by physical vapor depositions, the structural and optoelectrical evaluations of films, and the fabrication of optoelectrical devices on the basis of the film preparation.

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  • Associate Professor / Tsuyoshi Yoshitake
Experiment of photodetection of diode

Opto-Electronics Laboratoy

[Key words] optical device, optical integrated circuit, semiconductor laser, optical memory, SLED, optical sensing, optical energy transmission, optical router, plasma, nanostructure, next-generation semiconductor, power device, electron emitter

[Research outline] In this laboratory, new research is advanced for carving out the future society by conducting the research and development on most-advanced devices such as optical integrated elements/semiconductor laser for ubiquitous optical biosensing/energy transmission/next-generation optical communication, and research on creating nanostructure semiconductor material such as diamonds and advanced technology for expressing a new function on a nanomaterial as well as research and development of high-efficient electronics with use thereof and using most-advanced optical electronics technology and plasma technology.

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  • Professor / Kiichi HamamotoProfessor / Kiichi Hamamoto
  • Associate Professor / Kungen TeiiAssociate Professor / Kungen Teii
  • Jiang 国立大学法人 九州大学大学院 総合理工学府 量子プロセス理工学専攻Assistant Professor / Haisong Jiang
Experiment by an optical device for communication
Experiment by an optical device for communication

Power Device Engineering Laboratory

[Keywords] power semiconductor devices, power modules, power electronics, Si power devices, wide bandgap semiconductor devices, power MOSFETs, IGBT, intelligent control

[Research outline] This laboratory conducts reseach on power devices with high efficiency power conversion for low carbon society as following subjects and aims to create a new electric energy network. 1) Novel power semiconductor devices 2) Intelligent control technologies of power semiconductor devices 3) Integrated technologies of high functional power modules.

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  • Professor / Wataru Saito

Power Module and Power Semiconductor Devices