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Functional physical evaluation course (link course)

This course is responsible for the synthesis and evaluation of functions of materials and application thereof in the field where the development of functional materials supporting the advanced science technology is aimed.  Especially, linking with the National Institute for Materials Science and using the research facilities, practical education/research guidance are conducted by the advanced researchers.

The classes (mainly in the first year) are taken in the Kyushu University and the research (mainly from the second year) is conducted in the National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba City.

Material Characterization Engineering Laboratory

[Keywords] oxide single crystal, ceramics, defects, interface, ultraviolet emission, optical wavelength conversion, optical modulation, photorefractive effect, optical hologram memory

[Research outline] Characteristics of optical materials and semiconductive materials applied as a quantum device which is popular in the advanced technology are not only dependent on the structure and composition of the host but also dominated by various types of defects that are present in the material. In the course, the relation between the characteristics which have close contact with the quantum functions and various defects is evaluated, centering on oxide single crystal and thin films/sintered bodies, and research is conducted in divided two groups reflecting a form and use thereof.

to Ohashi Lab.】 【to Takada Lab.】【to Sakaguchi Lab.

  • Professor / Naoki OhashiProfessor / Naoki Ohashi
  • Professor / Naoki OhashiProfessor / Kazunori Takada
  • 大橋 酸化物単結晶,セラミックス,欠陥,界面,紫外発光,光波長変換,光変調,フォトリフラクティプ効果,光ホログラムメモリーAssociate Professor / Isao Sakaguchi
  • 大橋 酸化物単結晶,セラミックス,欠陥,界面,紫外発光,光波長変換,光変調,フォトリフラクティプ効果,光ホログラムメモリー
    Professor / Toru Hara
Charged particle application special experiment device (synthetic room)
Charged particle application special experiment device (synthetic room)