Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University Fujita Lab.

Research Contents

We conduct R&D to pioneer the organic electronics including organic light emitting devices, organic photovoltaic cells, organic transistors and organic memories. Since the research field of organic electronics is still in very early stage of development, they have not yet established either 1)device structure, 2)materials and 3)fabrication process. We need to explore from those three aspects scomprehensively because three aspects are highly interdependent. In Fujita lab. we focus on the development to realize low-cost and large-area devices which is the largest advantage of organic electronics.

Characteristics of the Kikuchi & Okumura Laboratory

This laboratory consists of members having various background such as organic chemistry, materials chemistry, electric, electronics, condensed matter phisics and pcosess systems.We conduct a diversified research aiming at developing organic electronics. We have developed high performance organic light emitting devices, organic thin film solar cells, flexible transistors and organic resistive memory under a lot of collaboration with device manufacturers, materials suppliers and process machinery manufacturers.

Human Debelopment

To foster researchers and engineers conducting R&D autonomously, students are encouraged to explore their research subjects through lively discussion in the free atmosphere. Students with various backgrounds ,work together towards a common goal while utilizing their expertise to grow to researchers and engineers with practical skills and broad perspective.

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