Archiの論文がAdvanced Powder Technologyに掲載されました。

D3のArchiが筆頭著者としてAdvanced Powder Technologyに投稿した論文が、9/23にアクセプトされました。この研究は中央分析センター准教授の稲田幹先生や先導研准教授の斉藤光先生との共同研究で、超顕微解析研究センターとGTセンターも入れると学内5部局間共同研究になりました。ZnO微粒子のエマルジョン中マイクロ波合成は、Archiが稲田研まで行って実験したものです。


An article first-authored by Wojciech “Archi” KLICH, a D3 student of our Lab, was accepted for publication in Advanced Powder Technology. This work was a collaboration with Assoc. Prof. M. Inada (Center of Advanced Instrumental Analysis, KU) and Assoc. Prof. H. Saito (Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, KU). It revealed by annular bright-field STEM technique that almost mono-dispersed ZnO particles with a novel morphology of truncated hexagonal pyramids ca. 1 μm in diameter are asymmetrically shaped ZnO single crystals with its crystallographic c-axis perpendicular to the bottom hexagonal flat surfaces.

“Microwave Synthesis of ZnO Microcrystals with Novel Asymmetric Morphology”, Wojciech KLICH, Miki INADA, Hongy GAO, Hikaru SAITO, Michitaka OHTAKI, Advanced Powder Technology, 32 (11), 4356-4363 (2021), accepted for publication on 23 Sept 2021, corrected proof available online 9 Oct 2021. →Publicationsへ

Posted on 2021-10-04
Last modified on 2021-12-09