D3のNhatが投稿した、SPS焼結したW18O49の熱電特性の異方性に関する論文が、Evergreen誌にアクセプトされ、論文がArticles in Pressで閲覧可能になりました。

An article first-authored by Nhat, a D3 student of our lab, on anisotropic thermoelectric properties of W18O49 oxide sintered by SPS was accepted on May 16th and is now available online at Articles in Press.

Nhat Quang Minh TRAN, Michitaka OHTAKI, Koichiro SUEKUNI, Evergreen, 8 (2), in press (2021). →Publicationsへ

Posted on 2021-05-17
Last modified on 2021-06-14